Hello, welcome to my first blog. I’m Liz and I’m a freelance proofreader and copy editor. In other words, I am a fussy, correct-grammar-loving perfectionist! It can be a curse, especially when I am trying to read for pleasure. However, it’s an essential quality to have in order to do my job well.

In my regular blog I will talk about topics related to proofreading and editing and I will give some tips and advice along the way. Oh, and I will try to inject some humour too. Thank you for joining me on this journey, who knows where it will end…

So what is the difference between proofreading and copy editing? Let me explain:

A copy editor looks for the overall improvement of the text, whether it is a manuscript, a business document, a thesis, an advertisement or any type of written material intended for publication or distribution. Apart from correcting spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, they also look at consistency of format, facts, references, names and characters and suggest changes to any discrepancies. They also suggest changes that could improve readability and flow; such as to sentence structure, awkward language, wordiness, jargon or phrasing.


A proofreader is the final link between a completed piece of writing and a printer or publisher. Text that is littered with mistakes can affect the credibility of the work. It’s essential to have it checked by a new pair of eyes; and preferably by a qualified professional. Apart from checking and correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation, they also search for inconsistencies with headings, titles, table of contents, capital letters, numbers, fonts, lists, tables, captions, referencing, page numbering, line spacing, word spacing, margins and alignment.

I hope you will join me again next time