Hello again! My second blog aims to identify 5 reasons why using a professional proofreader and copy editor could benefit you. Are you an aspiring author, a business owner, a student or do you have a document or presentation that could do with a “second pair of eyes”? Read more…

1. Clear message – whether it’s a business document, a book manuscript, marketing material, a brochure, a CV, a report, a presentation or a student thesis – if it’s intended for publication, printing or distribution it should be error-free and communicate its message clearly.

misplaced apostrophe

2. Good impression – an experienced proofreader and copy editor can help to reveal the full potential of a project. A misplaced apostrophe, poor choice of language or misaligned heading may detract from the quality of the writing and create a bad impression.

3. Intended audience – proofreaders and editors have been trained to identify the target audience. They suggest subtle changes to language and sentence structure that will enhance the clarity, style, readability and flow – therefore improving the delivery of the intended message.

4. Professional – online spelling and grammar checks are free but they may miss the subtle changes that a professional editor can make; this could provide an advantage with a potential business deal, published work, job application or assignment mark.

5. Objective and unbiased – it’s advisable to get a new pair of eyes to review a project – preferably a qualified and experienced editor and proofreader. They are more likely to give an objective and unbiased opinion of the work, they are trained to identify and correct errors and they suggest changes which will enhance readability of the text.

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